FreeSlack is a documentation project. Its primary goal is to document all non-free software in Slackware distribution.

Slackware 14.0

The following table lists all the packages on the Slackware DVD which contain non-free software. Note that comments are no substitute for the respective licenses. In particular, "non-commercial" may limit either use, or distribution, or both. Consult the licenses for details.

Name Comment Reference
extra/google-chrome/google-chrome-pam-solibs-1.1.3-x86_64-1.txz Since Chrome is closed-source, there is no point to this package.
slackware64/a/getty-ps-2.1.0b-x86_64-1.txz Non-commercial only. main.c
slackware64/a/kernel-firmware-20120804git-noarch-1.txz Closed-source blobs are included.
slackware64/a/lha-114i-x86_64-1.txz Too vague, according to FSF.
slackware64/a/unarj-265-x86_64-1.txz Can't use the code in ARJ archivers with encode/decode support. unarj.c
slackware64/a/zoo-2.10_22-x86_64-1.txz Derived programs must be compatible, author must get free version. Copyright
slackware64/ap/amp-0.7.6-x86_64-1.txz Non-commercial only. README
slackware64/n/ipw2100-fw-1.3-fw-1.txz Closed-source, no modification, and more. LICENSE
slackware64/n/ipw2200-fw-3.1-fw-1.txz Closed-source, no modification, and more. LICENSE.ipw2200-fw
slackware64/n/trn-3.6-x86_64-2.txz Non-commercial only. EXTERN.h
slackware64/xap/xfractint-20.04p11-x86_64-1.txz Non-commercial only. fractsrc.txt
slackware64/xap/xgames-0.3-x86_64-4.txz xminesweep is non-commercial only. xminesweep.c
slackware64/xap/xv-3.10a-x86_64-6.txz No distribution of modified copies, non-commercial only, personal use only. copyright.h

Additionally, there are a few SlackBuilds which install non-free software, namely


Project Goals

  1. Identify all non-free software distributed on Slackware DVD.
  2. For each non-free piece of software (usually, a package), provide a short description of the license(s).
  3. Develop and document a way to get rid of all non-free software in an existing Slackware installation.
  4. Accomplish all of the above goals way before the next stable Slackware release. The tentative deadline for Slackware 14.0 is 2013-04-06.


For the purposes of this document, an archive is any tared or compressed file found on Slackware DVD.

A list of all archives on Slackware DVD is created with

find . -name "*.[gx]z" -or -name "*.t?z" | sed 's|^\./||'

and saved as a CSV spreadsheet. For each item, the sources are examined and the licenses are determined. If the licenses are free according to the FSF (either GPL-compatible or not), then the archive is marked as free. Otherwise, the archive is marked non-free and the licenses used are described briefly. When applicable, the name of at least one file with an offending license should be cited.

Once an archive is found to be non-free, it is not necessary to keep checking the remainder of its contents. A possible exception to this rule is a piece of free software that comes with non-free plugins which are packaged separately.

The table should be augmented by any slackbuilds (usually present in extra) which download and/or install non-free software.


All FreeSlack project documentation is licensed under GNU FDL 1.3 or the latest version published by FSF. In short, you are permitted to use it as you wish, but you must relicense derivative works under the same (or similar) license.


Package licensing for Slackware 14.0: slackware-14.0-licenses.csv.

The CSV file is UTF-8, separated by tab only, with text delimiter ".


To participate, simply grab the table and start documenting in any order. Send me updates any time you've made considerable progress, and I will merge them and update this site. Don't worry about coordinating with other contributors: double-checking an archive is of great utility to this project. Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or if and how you would like to get credited. My contact info can be found there. Email is OK, but encrypted email is better.