Poker Game Agreement

Default values are in parentheses.

Game type (No-Limit Texas Hold'Em)
Starting Time
Ending Time (Up to individual players)
Ante (none)
Small Blind
Big Blind
Minimum buy-in (20 x BB)
Maximum buy-in (50 x BB)
Number of re-buys (unlimited)
Additional rules

Things to remember

  1. Protect your cards with your hands or by stacking chips on top. If you fail to protect your cards and they come in contact with any other cards, your hand may be declared dead.
  2. Pay attention to your body language, as it can be easily misinterpreted by the dealer and other players. Tapping your hand or cards on the table means check (or pass), and tossing your cards toward the center of the table means fold.
  3. Take care not to throw chips directly into the pot (a.k.a. splashing). The best practice is to line up your bet in front of you and then move it carefully toward the center of the table.
  4. Keep your cards in plain view and above the table at all times.