Class: MA 225-B1, Summer 2 2013.

Instructor: Ivan Zaigralin.

Email: Go to and type "show email".

Class Meetings: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 9:00am-11:00am in MCS B19.

Office Hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 8:30am-9:00am, in MCS 149-A.

Text: Briggs and others: Calculus: Early Transcendentals. The book won't be used to assign exercises, so any edition or version will do, even without online features.

Course Web Page:
The Web page will contain this syllabus, announcements, and the assigned work. Check it before you email the instructor with questions. To view the assigned homework online you may have to use Mozilla Firefox.

Official Description: Vectors, lines, planes. Multiple integration, cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Partial derivatives, directional derivatives, scalar and vector fields, the gradient, potentials, approximation, multivariate minimization, Stokes's and related theorems. (Cannot be taken for credit in addition to CAS MA 230.)

Informal Description: In this course, we will study the calculus of functions of several variables. Since visualizing these functions involves the use of vectors and surfaces in three dimensions, we will begin with a modern approach to the geometry of three dimensions. Then we will study multivariable calculus using partial derivatives and multiple integrals. Our final topic is one of the most elegant and useful in the study of physical systems—vector analysis and the many forms of Stokes's theorem.

The course will follow Chapters 10 through 14 in the text.

Grading: 10% of the grade will be in the worksheets, 20% in the homework, 20% in each of the two midterms, and 30% in the final.

Worksheets: Most meetings will have time set aside for solving worksheet exercises while working in small groups. Separate this work from your lecture notes, if any. Put it into a separate notebook, as it will be collected and graded a few times. Worksheet problems will be posted online here:

Final: Thursday, August 8, 2013, during the last class period.

Make-Ups: None, except for documented emergency exceptions made at the instructor’s discretion. A valid reason for missing a due date would be something like a documented case of a serious illness or a family emergency.

Last Day To Add/Drop: Monday, July 8, 2013.

Last Day To Drop With 'W': Thursday, July 25, 2013.

Academic Conduct: CAS Academic Conduct Code is available for your perusal at
A copy of the code is available in CAS 105 if you cannot access it on the Web, and it is your responsibility to know and follow the provisions of the code. In particular, all work that you submit in this course must be your original work. Any cases of suspected academic misconduct will be referred to the CAS Student Academic Conduct Committee. Penalties for violating the Academic Conduct Code may include suspension or expulsion from the University.

Help: If you need additional help, check out the Educational Resource Center. They offer peer tutoring free to BU students.