I was about to abandon my site, but then my fans started to scream, and I was forced to update. So that's what it is about: coming back.

I know, many people nowadays think that resurrection is a pretty lame idea, and it never happened. They like to think that resurrection only makes sense as a spiritual concept; that is, we really die forever, but the work of our hands and minds lives on.

It occurred to me recently that resurrection of the body is, in some sense, more real that spiritual one. Really, take my friend Colin here, and run him over with a steamroller several times, make sure he's dead. Start with legs, and proceed slowly (you'll see why it's important later). Cremate the body, and throw the ashes away.

Then, using the Phillips screwdriver and some magnets, reassemble Colin's body to the state just before he lost his conscience (that would be somewhere around the waistline), repair him using the magic of medicine, and ask him how he feels.

It is quite apparent to me that Colin will tell you that he was run over, blacked out, and then came back to his senses on the hospital bed. Because you reassembled him faithfully, he will have the exact memories of the old Colin (mostly, excruciating pain), and his identity. Colin will never experience dying, because there's nothing to experience.

Now that you believe in the resurrection of the body, as any reasonable person would after attending my lucid argument, let me speculate about the future.

It seems probable to me that after we die (or before, which doesn't really matter) our subjective experience continues somewhere else in space-time, if only entirely by chance. Actually, given the infinitely large and complex universe of ours, I would be very surprised if it didn't. This doesn't have to be the exact same body; in fact, it could be nothing like the human body. May be one of the galaxies out there feels exactly like you do after you die, you never know. There's only one way to find out. I'm not telling you what to do, just pointing out the options.