MA 123 Summer 2010 at BU

If you are a current student, this is the page to bookmark and check for updates. For the best results, (1) direct your Web browser to reload this page every time you check it and (2) clean the browser's cache (remove the "temporary internet files"). G.I.R.

Download the syllabus (PDF)

Download the tentative schedule (PDF)

Page last updated on June 23, 2010. Contents of this box may be updated at any time or disappear completely without notice.

The final will be given on June 24 in the usual place at the usual time. As always, calculators and cellphones of any kind will not be allowed; you may bring blank paper to use as a scratch pad.


Set 1 [PDF].

Set 2 [PDF].

Set 3 [PDF], and answers to selected exercises [PDF].

Set 4 [PDF], including the answers.

Set 5 [PDF], including most of the answers.

Set 6 [PDF], including most of the answers.

Set 7 [PDF], including most of the answers.

Set 8 [PDF], including most of the answers.

Course Materials

Quiz 1 [PDF]

Quiz 2 [PDF]

Quiz 3 [PDF]

Quiz 4 [PDF]

Examples of limit problems with solutions [PDF]. Feel free to try them out on your own.

Midterm [PDF]

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