Sender: lakshmi <>
Subject:Re: vi user? There's hope.

On Sun, 8 Feb 2004, Melikamp wrote:

> I used to think that you are right about everything,
> but today I scrolled all the way down on your page
> and found out that you use vi, and confess it,
> openly, shamelessly!
> There's hope.
> Start your command prompt and type emacs. You are
> now on the path of redemption. Take your time, feel
> your body and mind rejuvenating, as the Editor loads
> millions of bytes, representing the answers to all
> of life's questions. Let the elisp instructions
> flow through your head.
> Type [M-x] shell [Enter]
> $ su
> # killall vi
> # rm -f `find / -name "vi"`
> You are now free.
> Melikamp

Sure thing, I just need to go to the store to pick up some RAM for all the superfluous garbage emacs loads into memory.

How about this command in vi instead?
:!su -c "killall emacs; find / -name emacs -exec rm -f {}\\;"