Classes I taught, past and present.


2010-05-12 - Prime Crawler update is due in a few days or weeks. The math part includes a treatment of the distribution of strings of arbitrary finite length in the period (spoiler: they will tend to be equidistributed under certain conditions). The code will include a new data structure for so called sparse lines, which will allow for periods as large as the product of the first million primes.

2009-10-09 - Prime Crawler is a pseudo-random number generator I made up. Here is a description and some math [PDF] that goes with it.

As for the code (designed to be very vanilla c++, known to build in Slackware and Ubuntu), you can git it:

git clone git://

or get this tarball [tar.bz2]

2009-01-18 - Birthday problem: In a group of people whose birth dates are distributed randomly, independently and uniformly, what is the probability of the event that at least 2 people will have the same birth date? PDF, LaTeX

2008-06-23 - Staistical Haiku written by students in MA 115 class, taught in Spring 2008 (I was a teaching assistant then).