MA 225-A2, Summer 1, 2012

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The comprehensive final test is on Thursday June 21. It is 2 hours 20 minutes long, closed books, closed notes. Paper will be provided. Calculator is OK, but won't be very helpful. Test exercises will be similar, but not necessarily identical to the assigned homework.


Some solutions for the first long homework (PDF).

Some solutions for the second long homework (PDF).

Some solutions for the third long homework (PDF).

Some solutions for the fourth long homework (PDF).

Test 2 key (PDF).

Homework Assignments

Practice problems won't be collected or graded, but will be represented in the final.

Due Tuesday June 26: 7 in Line Integrals.

Past Due

Due Monday June 25:

Due Tuesday June 19: 2 in Double Integrals In Polar Coordinates.

Read 13.1-13.4.

Due Monday June 18:

Due Tuesday June 12: 4 in Maximum And Minimum Values.

Read 12.6-12.8.

Due Monday June 11:

Due Thursday June 7: 3 in Partial Derivatives.

Read 11.8-12.5.

Due Tuesday June 5:

Due Monday June 4: 3 in Arc Length And Curvature.

Read 11.5-11.7.

Due Thursday May 31: 10 in Cross Product (extra credit).

Due Friday June 1:

Due Tuesday May 29: 3 in Three-Dimensional Coordinate Systems.

Read 11.1-11.4.